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The standard license includes the full standalone studio with all render engines along with two node licenses.

Bundle Licenses include the full standalone studio and the application plug-in.

The studio application may be installed on up to three machines without being used simultaneously.

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Thea Render is a commercial solution that contains both state-of-the-art biased and unbiased engines, and also Presto engine, that enables high speed rendering through the use of NVidia® CUDA® GPU technology as well as CPU based acceleration. It's robust physically based material system features advanced layering system and is the heart of it's render engine, producing realistic high quality renders.

Thea Render also comes with high quality materials exclusive for licensed users, integration with various modelers, and advanced features such as Photometric Analysis, Colimo Support and many more.

Superior Image Quality

For visualization the natural way of lighting and physically correct materials play a very important role. Thea Render offers light simulation and a unique material system to ensure that all your images will take advantage of these essential qualities. No matter whether you render a simple interior scene or a detailed product presentation with complex materials the image tells a whole story for itself.

Thea Presto

Thea Presto is a new engine, in the framework of Thea Render which has been written from the ground up harvesting all your computing power. It uses all your CPUs and GPUs to deliver astonishing raw performance. This means fast, very fast, rendering on top of Thea's unmatched quality.

Unbiased Engine

Unbiased Engine

Thea Render supports a superior unbiased core which one is the most advanced in the market and delivers stunning images without any compromises. All possible paths of lighting transfer are explored, delivering the highest accuracy without any artifacts. Sun-pool caustics and terminator artifact are robustly handled offering stunning results.

Two Subengines

Thea comes with two, finely-tuned, engines that are optimized in terms of performance, for different kind of scenes. Unbiased engine TR1 is optimal for exteriors and scenes with dominant direct lighting while unbiased engine TR2 is optimal for extremely difficult indirect and caustic lighting.

True Volumetrics & SSS

One of a few commercial renderers resolving participating media lighting transfer, with full unbiased accuracy. Sub-Surface Scattering is resolved with full unbiased accuracy using the actual physically-based BSSDF model.

Attention to Details

Thea unbiased engines can robustly resolve particularly difficult situations. Such cases are the sun-pool caustics problem and the terminator artifact where our solution works out-of-the-box producing smooth artifact-free renders

Resume/Merge Render

Ability to stop a render in progress and resume later without losing the progress. An ideal feature when the machine needs to be used for other work or progress needs to be transferred to another machine.
Zero Setup Time

Unbiased core setup is effortless; results come out as they are in reality, without any artifacts and the user can focus exclusively on bringing his ideas into life without fiddling with any engine parameters.

Instant Relight

Ability to use different image buffers per light group, so as to combine these buffers in a postprocess, still maintaining unbiased quality. Ideal for producing lighting animations with a fraction of render time.

Light Simulation

A strong mathematical framework has been developed that has led to a very robust unbiased core. This way it can be also seen as a light simulation tool, performing calculations in the full visible spectral space (380-780nm) and including advanced phenomena like volumetric scattering and spectral index of refraction.

Biased Engine

Biased Engine

Global Illumination

Field Mapping - A New Revolutionary Approach

Field mapping is a new proprietary technique that evaluates consistently the lighting than cannot reach easily the viewer. With traditional biased engines the global illumination is often noisy and even when Final Gathering is coupled with Photon mapping. This results in blotches in the final render. But with Field Mapping, evaluation becomes easy and it generates the expected high quality result without any troubles.

Final Gathering
A gathering can be invoked on diffuse and translucent surfaces in order to compute the irradiance. It is either used with minimum depth coupled with field mapping, or alone with increased depth.

Irradiance Cache
Used in conjunction with final gathering to accelerate rendering by reusing (interpolating) nearby gathering values.

They can be evaluated either by field mapping for small area lights or point lights or by final gathering for large area lights

Direct Lighting

All lights can be parameterized so that usercontrolled per-light can take place resulting in fast renders for small scenes.

Ability to let the renderer decide for the direct lighting evaluation making a best balanced evaluation. This is ideal when there are a lot of lights in the scene.

Other Features

Presets and Easy Tuning

Thea biased engine enables the user to create presets that work in almost all cases without further tweaking. This way the time to tune the biased engine is minimized and new users can get robust results right from the beginning. Using perceptual criteria the engine adapts better to the local scene difficulties and settings are simpler than ever!

No More Thick Walls

The issue of shadow and light leaks has been a perpetual problem with biased render engines, especially the ones using techniques like Photon Mapping. This is for example the case where light or shadow from one side of a wall appears on the other side as well showing an unnatural effect. Field mapping makes an accurate evaluation and leaks that are so common with Photon Mapping, are not present.

Walthrough Animation

With our specific implementation for walkthrough animations the Adaptive BSD engine gives a flicker-free animation without any floating "blotchy" patterns. This is because global illumination solution is calculated for the whole sequence and reused afterwards for rendering all the frames.

Volumetric Scattering

Volumetrics are supported by the biased engine by evaluation of single bounce scattering only.

Fixed Spectral Resolution

Renders are resolved in a color space that is far more accurate than simple tristimulus (RGB) color space by using a fixed set of computed wavelengths.

Bucket Rendering

Progress is made by separating image into tiles and rendering them without having to deal with the whole image at once.

Blurred Reflection

Glossy reflections and refractions are evaluated through means of ray tracing resulting in accurate blurred evaluation

Sub-Surface Scattering

An approximation is used for the biased calculation of this element, resulting in a fast and pleasing SSS appearance.

Shadow Catcher and Bump

The shadow catcher enables a model to be naturally embedded inside a photograph showing its shadow from the environmental lighting and is supported by Adaptive BSD engine. Furthermore, the bump and normal mapping under global illumination give a realistic look to bumped surfaces when indirectly lit. This is done without any performance decrease.

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