DraftSight Premium (12 Month Subscription)

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DraftSight Premium is a robust 2D drafting and 3D design experience, featuring full 3D capabilities and constraints to help meet all of your drafting, modelling, prototyping, manufacturing, laser cutting, and 3D printing needs.

Created for individuals, designers, companies, manufacturers, and makers.

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DraftSight Premium (12 Month Subscription)

DraftSight Premium includes all the features in Professional, plus full 3D capabilities and parametric constraints.

DraftSight Premium helps users go from 2D drafting to 3D modelling and back again to optimise designs, and export as STL or SAT to print or use in other 3D applications. Create complex 3D surfaces or geometries by defining a mesh with custom contours and editable points. Control drawings aspects parametrically by specifying geometric and dimensional constraints. Easily define the relationships between entities and control their dimensions like length and angle.

Create any kind of 2D or 3D drawing with DraftSight which supports common design flows, blocks, and symbol libraries. Serving a huge CAD market with over half a million users worldwide, enjoy a minimal learning curve, customisable UI, comprehensive API, and flexible licensing options.

DraftSight Premium and DraftSight Enterprise+ are suited to users looking for a cost-effective alternative to AutoCAD who need 2D design with constraints, 3D DWG design, drafting capabilities, image vectorisation, drawing compare & smart dimensioning, STL and SAT import/export, as well as API and AutoLISP support.

Make use of robust productivity tools including support for Dynamic Blocks, PowerTrim, DrawCompare, and ajutomatic layer assignment. There's even API access to customise and automate processes with LISP routines, or your favourite programming language.

  • Flexible Licensing
  • Familiar Interface
  • Common File Type Support
  • Full Support
  • Proven ROI

What is DraftSight Enterprise+?

DraftSight Enterprise+ is everything found in DraftSight Premium, plus deployment and network licensing to enable concurrent usage, as well as full developer support.

DraftSight Enterprise+ is designed for large organisations with many users or multiple sites.

Sheet Set Manager

Sheet Set Manager

Easily manage large projects with a dedicated sheet set manager that collects sheets from multiple drawings.

Import PDF Drawings

Import PDF Drawings

Import PDF drawings and convert them to editable DWG files.

Create Custom Blocks

Create Custom Blocks

Create Custom Blocks to accommodate multiple variations in a single block.

3D Modelling

3D Modelling

Create predefined 3D solids, such as boxes, cones, cylinders, and spheres. Make faces and meshes or transform 2D shapes into 3D solids for 3D printing or laser cutting.

Associative Patterns

Associative Patterns

Drag and drop graphical grips to adjust pattern location.

Parametric Constraints

Parametric Constraints

Ensure geometric relationships and respect your design intent by utilising the power of 2D parametric constraints such as geometric and dimensional Constraints.


DraftSight features the professional tools, functionality, and file compatibility to get your jobs done quickly. Users will find DraftSight faster and lighter than other popular CAD products as it doesn't carry the baggage of a nearly 40-year old product - with the benefits of great tools that don't exist in AutoCAD like PowerTrim and TBLayers.

DraftSight offers choice to provide the best value as not all CAD users have the same needs. DraftSight represents the best value on the market by being a fraction of the price of comparable CAD offerings, and perpetual licensing is available as well as network and subscription options.

Easy Transition
It's easy to make the switch away from AutoCAD - DraftSight will do the work for you. Users will feel comfortable right away with the familiar user interface, minimal learning curve, and support for common commmands, legacy drawings, and complex objects like Dynamic Blocks. Type commands just as you would in AutoCAD, and customise your experience with LISP, AutoLISP, and Visual LISP support.

Version Feature Comparison

Professional / Enterprise Premium / Enterprise + Mechanical
Read & Save in DWG
Create & Modify in 2D
Advanced 2D: Constraints, Sheet Sets, PDF Import, Patterns, Dynamic Blocks Editing
3D Support
Mechanical Toolbox: Parts Library, Holes, BOM, Revision Table
Mechanical Layers Manager & Layers Groups
Part References, Balloons, Frames
Advanced Mechanical Bill of Material

DraftSight API

  • Leverage the same elements with which DraftSight was built.
  • Forward compatible and supports C#, .NET, VB, LISP, and more.
  • DraftSight API applications include DraftSight Macro, Standalone (.exe files), and Add-In (.dll files).
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